You can host your web or blog site with yahoo web hosting, no hidden prices and no risk here.
If you gonna buy a web hosting package with yahoo, You will get below features.

Ability to create a custom web site
There are many tools to make a better customer design for your web or blog site and you can use all of them without downloading and re-installing on your PC, you can use them online. And it is possible to customize yahoo’s free designs. 

 Yahoo will help you when you are building your site and if you do not have much time to build a web site, you let Logoworks by HP do it for you.
There are too many supports from yahoo for third-party tools..

How make your site more interactive 
There are many photo galleries, video galleries and slide shows to decorate your web site and it is possible to add PayPal to your site to make purchases.

Secure and trustful service
you don’t have a risk with your data because your web site backed up in several remote locations around the world. Servers are running on Linux based operating systems which are most stable and secure. 

Unlimited features
You will get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email storage with yahoo web hosting.